Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DreamBear - Prince Growl Lines

Lineart of the DreamBear world villain. I wanted to finish this pic so bad, I drew him even though the doctor said I couldnt draw... 5 mins of drawing, 15 min break... ugh... Colors soon, I hope, then you'll get some more info on him too. Here's a hint, nightmares.


Nadia said...

AWESOME!! May I say I find his outfit very The Silent Kingdom-ish? :P Not that I mind, I have accepted long ago that I can't help but to be a muse XD
I seriously love this character, his gear looks awesome and you totally nailed his pose.

BTW, totally thanks checking out my new blog. I posted some robot sketches today. I think you might like em.

RED MONKEY said...

Well, I dont think I went for a Silent Kingdom look on purpose, but I cant deny being influenced by your stuff the past year. I hope I did give it my own flair though.

About your new blog, are you gonna stop posting at the Slither Astray one? Cause then I'll update my links...

Nadia said...

yeah.. I think I'm pretty much done with the slither blog.. but I dont know if I'm goigo delete it. kinda like knowing my sketches are online.

It's cool btw, you totally have your thing going on. But at the same time, this looks like something I could have designed.. which is just weird to feel because I totally didnt :P
But I guess we're always going to have that.. I kinda really still like it ^^

RED MONKEY said...

Yea, you should just keep it, always fun to look back at old sketches, like, years from now. See how much you've progressed.