Monday, May 11, 2009

The (still nameless) princess

One of the first sketches of our still nameless princess of Great Beronia. Roel wants to call her Jade, but fuck him, too cliche. Also sounds like she's a prostitute -_- I like where its going so far, but the design isnt what I want it to be yet...

I'll give ya all some more info on her with the next designs/sketches.


Nadia said...

She got older and sexier! Omg.. a hawt looking bear :D
So far all your designs looked like exactly what I want want them to be xept for this one. But probably her story changed, right? I wonder what she's like now.
Anyways, good job on the hot teen bear! ;)

RED MONKEY said...

What you want em to be? Hmkay... how did you want her to be then?
You're right, she's a bit too old looking, tried to make her thin, like some girls get when they suddenly hit that growth spurt, but she got too tall I guess. Still working on her design, cause she has to be royalty, but somehow she should also look like she'd sneak out of the palace now and then and have night time adventures, exploring and such... Like it said, it's a start :p

Nadia said...

I guess I imagined her less sassy and more bratty. Kinda like Tetra from the wind waker or Midna from twilight princess or pipi longstockings or uhmm.. endling's character Ree. Younger, smaller and a bit more quirky I suppose.
This girl has the whole, 'I'm a sexy bene geserit teen' feel.

But that totally works too for a princess. Actually I think your version works way better then what I had in mind. It's a much easier archetype to grasp I think.