Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't stop working on this...

Seriously, I need to be working on Holle Bolle Gijs colors, but this pic is just too damn much fun... I like mutant me and Nadia being all badass! :P

Fallout Slither

Working on this in between paid stuff... WIP WIP WIP

'Lysogenic Cycle CD cover' and 'Jungle Stew'

"Jungle Stew"

Artwork for an iPhone game we're working on, title will appear in the sky, with the menu etc, then scrolls down into the jungle and eventually you'll zoom in on the big cooking pot with the cannibals and doctor Livingstone and the game starts. Going to be 480x330 pixels (iPhone screen), so, smaaalll :p

"Lysogenic Cycle"

CD cover for a band called Lysogenic Cycle, gonna be their first cd, good stuff ^^. It's T4 viruses attacking bacteria. With a horror twist.

Was coloring this and halfway trough it I realized those are pretty much Matrix colors... oh well :p

28 Sketches... the first 4

Im making 28 sketches for people on DeviantArt cause I got 40K pageviews, here's the first 4 of em...

'Tom & Roel' and 'Battle Blox'

"Battle Blox"

Artwork for an online 'battle tetris' game called Battle Blox. Basically Tetris, played with two players online, with two chars that hit each other every time you clear a line and do specials and such...
Tried to re-use a lot of the loose body parts to speed up my work for this, was fun to do. Chars gonna be about half or a third the size of what they're now in the final game.

Also, one of the backgrounds I did, for the pirate girl. Slither Astray gave me some good pointers on the background colors, thanks babe! ^^

"Tom & Roel"

For our logo...