Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Growl + ShadowBears colors WIP

Damn you sun! I cant see shit on my Cintiq! ...hard to color this way -_-

Working on dem colors today, yaaaaarrrrrrrr


Nadia said...

Woah! totally sweet! This is going to be a super impressive pic. A perfect poster of the badguy actually.

RED MONKEY said...

I sure hope so! :p
Thanks miss Karroue!

(I still want that last name... so much better than Jilesen -_-)

Nadia said...

I could either adopt you or we could get married.
and cool colors! but the characters are looking quite flat compared to the color contrast of the bg.. it could work tho.. like in a disney way.. painted bgs and cellshaded characters. Was that your intention?
anyways, nice!

RED MONKEY said...

Yes! Adopt me! Hahaha!

Yea, I know the chars look flat, working on that, well, tomorrow I'll be working on that :P Me and colors = slooowwww. Might not be smart, to make this fully 'painted'. Roel wants to make a poster out of it though.

Dan said...

you'll hate me for this because I doubt theres much you can do to change it - but its good to know and look at for the future.

the poses of the two purple dudes in the back are wayyyy more fluid than the dude in the middle, who is just static as all else. Also correct me if I'm wrong but are the characters just copy pasted from the character sheets onto these pictures? cuz if so then I understand why it happened haha. But ya, definitely something to watch out for in the future :O static is bad news bears (pun)

RED MONKEY said...

I dont hate you at all, Dan. I love crits. And I love you. And your ass.

You're right. It was never my intention to add a background, but my boss loved the pic so much he wanted it as a poster version, so, thats what im doing with it right now. Btw, yea, Growl is static, but thats cause he's going to be holding a dark dream orb (magic kinda thing) floating above his hand. Hopefully I can make it all work ;)

Thanks for the tips, sir, appreciate that.